SB 1383


In 2016, California set new targets to reduce methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas and significant contributor to climate change. This law, SB 1383, requires cities and counties to reduce organic waste disposal 75% by 2025. Landfills are the third largest source of methane emissions in the state, making the reduction of waste an important part of the fight against climate change.


Desert View Power (DVP) has been aiding in the disposal of organic waste from throughout the six-county Southern California region since 1992. Each year DVP recycles and repurposes about 320,000 tons of organic byproduct diverted from regional landfills or open burning. DVP converts that material into renewable electricity, providing more than 325,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) annually, or enough to power more than 49,000 homes for a year. Importantly, electricity produced by DVP qualifies as a Recovered Organic Waste Product under SB 1383 Regulations


Cities and counties must procure products created from material diverted from landfills each year. DVP’s electricity qualifies as one of these products and can be purchased using existing infrastructure with no new power contracts. Jurisdictions will continue to buy their current electricity while qualifying their usage under SB 1383.

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