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Biomass power is renewable and reliable. Because it is not affected by changes in weather or environmental conditions, it is a dependable complement to our diverse energy supply, helping to provide your community with always-on electricity. Our industry recycles organic byproducts into over 15 million megawatt hours of clean and green energy annually that keeps forests healthy and meets growing energy demands.

Greenleaf Power’s plants create clean, green energy from recovering, recycling, and repurposing forest debris, organic and agricultural byproducts. This material can include scrap lumber, agricultural harvest waste, and forest debris that could increase the risk of forest fires if left behind.

There are many benefits to biomass power:

  • A renewable and reliable complement to our energy sources.
  • Responsible energy production.
  • Healthy forests and fewer fires.
  • Less waste in landfills.
  • And more jobs and economic development for local communities.