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Biomass company excited to be headquartered in Sacramento

Sacramento Bee
Sunday, July 7, 2013
Mark Glover

Situated amid homes in a quiet, leafy section of midtown Sacramento is the headquarters of one of the nation's leading biomass energy firms.

"We're probably No. 4 or 5 in the country right now, but we want to be the largest," says Hugh Smith, president and CEO of Greenleaf Power LLC.

Given what Greenleaf has done in short order in the comparatively young biomass power industry, Smith's words don't come off as an idle boast.

From small, modern-looking offices at Capitol Avenue and 26th street, Greenleaf Power owns and operates four California-based biomass power plants – which burn organic, mostly plant-based, materials to produce electricity.

The most recent purchase came last month as it acquired the Tracy Biomass plant in San Joaquin County. Along with biomass power plants in Humboldt, Lassen and Riverside counties, Greenleaf's facilities generate a combined 120 megawatts of power – enough to meet the needs of more than 70,000 homes.

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