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About Greenleaf Power


As a company focused on biomass to electricity, Greenleaf Power is a leading provider of renewable energy in North America.  We own and operate 154 megawatts (MW) of dependable generation, fueled by sustainable biomass material. Greenleaf Power collects residual biomass material from agricultural, construction, demolition, landfill, and timber industries and converts that biomass into carbon-neutral electricity for sale to municipal, public power, and investor owned utilities.

Greenleaf Power, LLC was formed in October 2010, to acquire and operate base-load biomass plants and improve those plants performance through: implementation of fuel-supply risk mitigation, PPA contract management, cost discipline, leveraging operating synergies, and applying best-in-class management and operations practices to extend the economic lives of the plants.

Greenleaf completed its first acquisitions in 2010, and has grown its portfolio, which now contains five operating facilities with a combined generation capacity of 154 MW.  Greenleaf is headquartered in Sacramento, CA. and directly employs more than 130 people and creates nearly 500 local dedicated jobs collecting, processing, and delivering fuel and consumables to its generating plants.