About Greenleaf

About Greenleaf Power

Greenleaf Power is committed to providing North America with reliable green energy.  We supply power with significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional sources. Our facilities use biomass as fuel source rather than fossil fuels, and are less reliant on changes in weather than many other green energy sources. Equally important, Greenleaf Power is expanding the green economy as we preserve local jobs near its facilities. Learn More »

Biomass Technology

Biomass Technology

Biomass is a clean, green energy supply that uses material originating from once living plants as its fuel source. Materials used in biomass are typically residues from activities such as wood waste from agricultural, construction and timber industries. These fuels are loaded into large boilers and combusted in tightly controlled settings. Learn More »


Desert View

The biomass power plant, based in California’s Inland Empire, is one of the largest biomass plants in California. Learn More »

Honey Lake

The plant produces up to 30 megawatts of green energy through biomass and utilizing the geothermal resources underfoot. Learn More »

Eel River

The biomass plant, based in California’s North Coast region, produces power for PG&E as well as its nearby town. Learn More »